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Friday, May 21, 2010

The Arrival of Abegail

It was 17th of May, 2010, we got to the hospital around10am, discussed with my doctor about the CS procedure… and scheduled the operation by 5.30pm. Since the hospital is very near to my home, we went for brunch and head home to prepare my stuff.

3.30pm, we went back to hospital and the nurse take us to our room. I got changed into the hospital gown, answered a ton of admission questions , got my IV ready. My anesthesiologist came and introduced himself and straight away send me to the operating theater. My doctor came at exactly 5.30pm and told me that he can’t allow my husband to witness my operation since he looks uneasy outside.
I'm not going to lie... when the anesthesia was shot into my back spine.. It hurts....for a moment, i  started to feel numb and dizzy.

As soon as I feel numb, they made me lay down until they started the cutting work :-) When my doctor started to open my belly, he told me that the baby just pooped inside… just right on time to take her out of my tummy… Just 10 short minutes later, my baby girl was born...

When she let out her first cry, I could not control myself…
There is no better sound in the entire world than hearing your baby cry for the first time. I did not got to hold her immediately coz the pediatrician has to check her vitals.
My doc continued to work on my stitches and make sure that all my organs are still intact. I was out of the operating room by 7.30pm and saw my husband and brother waiting outside. “She so fair and perfect” … my hubby told me and kissed me.

Welcome my Baby Abby!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Baby Abby is Arriving on 17th May via CS

The ultrasound confirmed that Abby is still in breech position and my doctor advised me to schedule the Caesarian delivery within a week. Since weekend is approaching, I decided to schedule my operation on Monday, 17th May. I pushed it for few more days so I can spend sometime with my kids before I go for my 1st major operation… Never in my entire life I went to an operating theater and got knife

I barely slept .I kept holding my belly and feeling my baby move, knowing that it would all be over soon. I was so excited to meet her but also a little nervous about going through the Caesarian delivery. This weekend, I will not do anything but to play with my fab 4 and telling them that Abby is arriving on Monday.

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