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Monday, June 7, 2010

Post Partum Syndrome...

I know I haven’t been active in my blog recently…. So, what’s going on with me? Simply put, I haven’t been quite right since I had Abby. Since I am going to be honest, I can say that I am pretty sure I have been dealing with postpartum depression... been very sensitive lately.

I usually don’t like admitting weakness…it makes me feel like I am a failure, but I have to own up to the fact that I am not in quite a good place right now. Some might be imagining me being down in the dumps crying and feeling totally depressed and wacked out. I’m not. The best way I can describe it is to say that I have no energy, no drive, no real connection to anything, and I seem to lack the will to just do anything about it…I can’t seem to pull myself out of the kind of fogginess I have been residing in for the past weeks to force myself to do anything…lord knows I have tried.

I have to wonder if I set myself up for this. You see, I arrogantly assumed that since I recovered quite well and easily from all my normal deliveries…. I would be fine this time around too. I should have realized that after having some issues in giving birth with her.. she was my 1st Caesarian and having a tubal ligation at the same time. For the first couple of weeks after having Abby I felt fine I guess, tired and weak from my bleed and stitches and my back being really strained but emotionally all I remember feeling was tired and pretty happy. After that I just seemed to slowly slide to the point where I am now…basically just sitting all the time ignoring the rest of the world, the exception being Abby, I am around her and holding her constantly…but I’ve been very impatient with the rest of my kids. that it is probably some kind of hormone thing…
Everyone expects me to be strong and happy and able to take care of myself…I’ve been doing it forever it seems, but right now I admit that I need a moral boost. Thank God, hubby and the kids has been very supportive to me.

I am behind on blogging and email…I am going to start trying to brag myself back into doing it but it will be a bit. I start taking something to balance me out so I can get myself back... blogging :-)  This is hard, I feel like I am trapped within myself…there is a part of me that keeps beating at me inside my head telling me to get going, get working, go outside, go shopping, do something; but the rest of me just waves it off and says “later”.

I’m going to try to keep the blog updated…I really do enjoy blogging. So, that’s where I’ve been…that’s what I have been dealing with and that is why I haven’t been around much or posting.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Arrival of Abegail

It was 17th of May, 2010, we got to the hospital around10am, discussed with my doctor about the CS procedure… and scheduled the operation by 5.30pm. Since the hospital is very near to my home, we went for brunch and head home to prepare my stuff.

3.30pm, we went back to hospital and the nurse take us to our room. I got changed into the hospital gown, answered a ton of admission questions , got my IV ready. My anesthesiologist came and introduced himself and straight away send me to the operating theater. My doctor came at exactly 5.30pm and told me that he can’t allow my husband to witness my operation since he looks uneasy outside.
I'm not going to lie... when the anesthesia was shot into my back spine.. It hurts....for a moment, i  started to feel numb and dizzy.

As soon as I feel numb, they made me lay down until they started the cutting work :-) When my doctor started to open my belly, he told me that the baby just pooped inside… just right on time to take her out of my tummy… Just 10 short minutes later, my baby girl was born...

When she let out her first cry, I could not control myself…
There is no better sound in the entire world than hearing your baby cry for the first time. I did not got to hold her immediately coz the pediatrician has to check her vitals.
My doc continued to work on my stitches and make sure that all my organs are still intact. I was out of the operating room by 7.30pm and saw my husband and brother waiting outside. “She so fair and perfect” … my hubby told me and kissed me.

Welcome my Baby Abby!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Baby Abby is Arriving on 17th May via CS

The ultrasound confirmed that Abby is still in breech position and my doctor advised me to schedule the Caesarian delivery within a week. Since weekend is approaching, I decided to schedule my operation on Monday, 17th May. I pushed it for few more days so I can spend sometime with my kids before I go for my 1st major operation… Never in my entire life I went to an operating theater and got knife

I barely slept .I kept holding my belly and feeling my baby move, knowing that it would all be over soon. I was so excited to meet her but also a little nervous about going through the Caesarian delivery. This weekend, I will not do anything but to play with my fab 4 and telling them that Abby is arriving on Monday.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ways to Turn my Breech Baby

I've been practising some of the ways to turn my breech baby... Be sure to check with your provider before trying the positions for turning a breech baby to see if there is any reason why you should not use them.

Here are 17 Ways to Turn Your Breech Baby!

1. Visualizing the baby moving down with the head very deep in your pelvis, several times a day; especially in conjunction with positions and exercises below.

2. Swimming as often as possible. This keeps your body and pelvis loose and relaxed. Do in conjunction with headstand below if you have help.

3. Headstand - with assistance and in a pool frequently as possible.
4. Breech Tilt - begin at 32-35 weeks gestation. Do 3 times daily for 10-15 minutes each time, when you have an empty stomach, and the baby is active. Prop one end of an ironing board securely on a sofa or chair 12 to 18 inches high (or may use slant board). Lie down, bend knees but keep feet flat on board. Relax, breathe deeply, avoid tensing. May also use pillows on a flat surface to raise hips 12-18" above shoulders. Gravity pushes the baby's head into the fundus, tucks it, and baby can then do a somersault to a vertex position.

5. CD/iPod headphones - place them inside mom's pants toward her pubic bone and play classical music for 10 minutes 6-8 times a day. 

6. Flashlight - try moving slowly down from the top of the uterus toward your pubic bone while you are in a breech tilt position.

7. Massage - start with your left hand at the bottom of the abdomen and your right hand just above it. Move move your hands clockwise around the right side of your tummy. As your right hand reaches the top of your abdomen, slide the left one over your right and move it down the left side of your tummy. Your left hand leads as you you come full circle, continuing clockwise. Massage gently as you would to apply lotion. Massage for ten minutes or more up to several times each day.

8. Clothespin - place on the small toe of each foot at the outside corner of the toenail; sideways so that the toenail and toepad are stimulated for 30 minutes per day, this is an acupressure point that is a "moving down" point. You can also do this with just finger pressure as you remember to do it.

9. Motion Sickness band - place with the bead four fingerwidths above the inner ankle bone - another acupressure point that is used for stimulation of the uterus. Do not use this point if you are experiencing any pre-term labor.

10. Glass of orange or other juice - follow this with a side-lying position with your hips positioned higher than your feet. Babies move more after a sugar high!

11. Pelvic Tilt- with an ice pack on the top of your tummy on an empty stomach, 10 minutes twice a day. Do this while lying on your back on the floor with knees flexed and feet on the floor with three large pillows placed under your buttocks. Try this in conjunction with headphones and visualization.
12. Cat stretch - start with all fours, then lay your head and chest flat on the floor with your buttocks in the air, as you round your back and return to all fours.
13. Knee-chest position - by kneeling with hips flexed slightly more than 90 degree, but with thighs not pressing against your tummy and your head, shoulders and upper chest are flat on a mattress for 15 minutes every two waking hours for five days.
14. Belly Relaxing followed by Inversion - Partner places a shawl, sheet, towel or rebozo under mom's hips as she lays on the floor. Lift up on the corners of the cloth and shimmy her from side to side moving your hands up and down to wiggle her belly from side to side. These should be very small movements which mom should find very relaxing. Do this for about 5 minutes. Then mother kneels on the stairway landing. Walk your hands down 2 or 3 stairs into an all fours position; have your partner support your shoulders to balance you. Remain in this position for about 5-10 minutes or as long as comfortable. Also do this on an empty stomach.

The following techniques to turn breech babies to vertex involve the assistance of a specialist or medical professional:

15. Acupuncture - find a acupuncturist who is familiar with pregnancy and knows the points to stimulate for turning a breech baby.

16. Webster's Breech Technique - see a Chiropractor who is experienced in this technique.
17. External Version - this can be done in the hospital at about 37 weeks; see an Ob-Gyn for assistance and more information.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Breech... in 34 Weeks... makes me Weak

Waaaaa... my posting title rhymes very well :-)

My little one prefers right now to be in a breech position. Although she moves around quite a bit, she still ends up breech. I am having another ultrasound on 30th April  and my OB advice me to put a speaker down to my pelvis so she can turn head down. But she also assured me that we still have some time before really becoming concerned!

There are several different positions that are all considered to be breech:
  • Incomplete (Footling) breech - feet first
  • Complete breech - baby sitting on heels (Buddha style)
  • Frank breech - bottom first, with feet up by head  >>>> this is MEEEE

 If the baby stays breech in 37 weeks , i might probably have a cesarean birth... Ouch!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wine & Dine Event --- Cheers!

Finally made it!  Wine & dine event held at La Cocina.
Good Food! Great Friends to Cheers!

All is set... table topper made by yours trully using the MacBook Pro Templates

4 types of Allunga Wine has been served, tasted and rated according to the pallete of every guest... my personal preference was Shiraz and Cabernet Merlot. Surprisingly, the highest rate goes to Shiraz. It was perfectly paired with Lamb in reduction sauce

The after effect of empty plate

 hubby's colleague is seriously taking notes the wine grid while he is busy doing the food pairing....

Jared has been toxicated with few sip of Allunga!

the best part of this event is being reunited with Jazzy after being distant for almost 6 months... great to have a Cheers with you again my friend!

and my hubby is shoving away to the camera ... why???

Overall, we all had a great time!
See you all next time.... call me if you need to be a Wine Expert in 60 seconds!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Ate Nida....

My wonderful Nanny for 2 1/2 years went to Canada recently.... a better future that we all hoped for her....

Ate Nida has been a great help in my family specially to Jewel. She  taught my baby girl a lot of things and i allowed her to call her "nanay" (mother in tagalog). She was very closed to all my kids and treated them like her own. We started to miss her recently and i personally felt something is missing everytime i reached home.
I even cried reading her email recently and sometime get teary when i stared at her pciture with my kids.

With Alex

Farewell dinner @ La Cocina ; Opa Sangria! with Iah

I find it hard to cope with the household right now but with the help of Juliah and Alex... i know things will get better. I'm about to get my new maid in few weeks from now but i find it hard to accept that i have to get along with a total stranger in my home whom i have to entrust all my precious children....

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