Breech... in 34 Weeks... makes me Weak

Waaaaa... my posting title rhymes very well :-)

My little one prefers right now to be in a breech position. Although she moves around quite a bit, she still ends up breech. I am having another ultrasound on 30th April  and my OB advice me to put a speaker down to my pelvis so she can turn head down. But she also assured me that we still have some time before really becoming concerned!

There are several different positions that are all considered to be breech:
  • Incomplete (Footling) breech - feet first
  • Complete breech - baby sitting on heels (Buddha style)
  • Frank breech - bottom first, with feet up by head  >>>> this is MEEEE

 If the baby stays breech in 37 weeks , i might probably have a cesarean birth... Ouch!


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