Teenage Mommy... my story

Society nowadays has a lot against teenage pregnancy…. and to me, it is saddening to think that teen mums are looked at as though they are "Silly little girls" who couldn't do the right thing and keep their legs crossed...

Here is my experience as a teenage mum! (maybe britney and jaime spears... and others can share thier experiences too!)

My mum left when I was 6… My dad passed away when I was 12.... and I had a melodramatic-fantastic-tragic childhood life and so goes the story of the teenage mum..

I was 16 when I fell pregnant with my first daughter, Juliah. It was my first intimate relationship… fresh and curiosity (kills the cat) and ended up in teen-pregnancy just right after HS…. It was not long after I conceived on my second daughter Alexandra… I was 18 then.. still naïve and stupid I should say.

After the second baby was born I decided that it was time to get out of this bad relationship and move on…. Even though there were going to be hassles, I stood my ground since there’s no wedding ring…no legal and emotional binding attached.

Shortly after the separation, I worked odd jobs and enrolled back to school….I swear! It was the most challenging part of being a single-teenage mum. I worked every single day and night of my life…. But still not enough.

I don't go out to parties, I don't waste my money on wants…I have to squeeze my pocket here and there… I take my daughter just about everywhere I go… even in school or in my workplace.

I gave up my life as I chose to have a child at a young age and in doing that, it is my responsibility to make sure they are well taken care of.

Greatest pain was to leave them to take the new challenges and work overseas…it was all HARDWORK.. TEARS... HOMESICK...


I kept dreaming that one day I would still have a perfect family…. Then, prayers were answered when I met my PERFECT PRINCE CHARMING… ( that would be the 2nd part of my story on this blog... watch out!)


Sadly, society doesn't see that any teenage mother is capable of being responsible like I have been… What teen mums need is support and a helping hand.... not judgment... but of course it requires a lot of hardship for the teenage mum to become matured and responsible parent for thier children.


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