Photography makes my tummy happy :-)

Whats so cool about my current job?? Apart from learning soooo much things about wine and food pairing .... (im about to become a Sommelier soon) i also have the privilege to try new dishes before it become official. Gastronomic indulgence!

I had fun today taking photos of our NEW Set Lunch as well as the NEW Dessert.....
Though i do not have the professional lessons in photography, my strong interest and creative flare in portrait shoot and cuisine shoot makes me equipped with the basic know-how (know to point and shoot only). Now i understand why my hubby has been investing with all these gadgets and kept on bugging me about the Nikonian Academy. He's so supportive for letting me to know better his mistress.... the Nikon D80 :-)

Here are some photos taken earlier...

Thai Style Green Curry - Set Lunch (RM9.90)

Fish Fillet served with Steamed Rice and Vegetable (RM12.90)

Lamb Lasagne... our very own homemade pasta layered sheets with minced lamb meats and zesty tomato sauce and lotsa' mozarella cheese  (RM12.90)

*** All set lunch is inclusive of Soup of the Day + Drinks + Fruit Dessert***

It's really value for money.......

Anyway, our set lunch normally changes every week. The 3rd week  lunch is awesome coz' there are 5 selections to choose from ( meat,fish,pasta and local dish )... i had it ALL today :-)

I also had a chance to taste this new dessert called APPLE Tart.... it was rich and tasty.

Apple Tart Topped with Vanilla Ice Cream (RM8.90)

Well, posting this entry and photos makes me craving.... hmmmmm tomorrow lets see what's in the menu.


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