High-5 to my Children -- An opening Post

If someone gave me the option of going back and starting all over but with the limit of only having half as many kids as i do, I’d politely tell them to stuff it. For all the trouble the kids may cause, or the frenzied days where I have to give up my career to cope with my growing children, I wouldn’t trade it. So for anyone who’s wondering if there are any joys to having a big family, aside from the fact that there’s a lot of love to give, let me share with you what they are:

1. I get to kiss four extra people before I go to bed at night. (How many people do you get to kiss before you go to bed?)

2. There’s never a shortage of something funny to tell someone. Many people go through their day without a single funny thing that happens to them.

3. I always have an excuse to buy chocolates....

4. My reading skills are sharp! Someone always needs something to read for Wallace.

5. Leftovers in my house are almost nonexistent.

6. In the middle of thunder storm, little people climb into bed with me keep me warm.

7. My house never feels empty.

8. I always have an excuse to watch cartoons... Barney song has always been our anthem...

I could give you at least a dozen more joys of having a big family but I think you get the picture....

My preciousess.... Alexa, Wallace, Jewel & Juliah.... the 5th still in my belly :-)


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